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Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) A comparative investigation on efficiency of bacteriophage lambda and M13 based vectors for delivering and expression of transgene in eukaryote cells Abstract   PDF
Elham Abedheydari , Mohammad khalaj-kondori , Mohammad-Ali Hosseinpour-Faizi , Morteza Kosari-Nasab
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) A Long noncoding RNA, ANCR, is Unregulated in Bladder and Breast Tumor Tissues Abstract   PDF
Mahshid Malakootian , Youssef Fouani , Parisa Naeli , Fatemeh Mirzadeh Azad , Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee , Seyed Javad Mowla
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) A survey on optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation (AtMT) of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Abstract   PDF
Jalal Soltani , Mahsa Yousefi-Pour H. , Sonbol Nazeri
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Acipenser Persicus Growth Hormone gene Sequencing and its structures Abstract   PDF
Ehsan Nasr , Mohammad Pourkazemi , Hrachia Hovhannisyan
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Aegle marmelos Leaf Extract is an Effective Herbal Remedy in Reducing Hyperglycemic Condition: A Pre-clinical Study Abstract   PDF
Afeefa Kiran ch , Muhammad Azam , Arif Malik , Kalsoom Fatima , Saghir Ahmad Jafri , Reneesh Muhammad
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Allelic polymorphism of K-casein, β-Lactoglobulin and leptin genes and their association with milk production traits in Iranian Holstein cattle Abstract   PDF
Yahya Mohammadi , Ali Asghar Aslaminejad , Mohammad Reza Nassiry , Ali Esmailizadeh Koshkoieh
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) Amino acid diversity of antigenic sites of Iranian type O foot-and-mouth disease virus Abstract   PDF
Abdul-raoof Al-یhawkany , Mohammadreza Naییiri , Saied Zibaei , Mojtaba Tahmooreیpour , Sayed Mahdi Ziaratnia , Mohsen Fathi Najafi , Alireza Haghparaیt , Shahrokh Ghovvati , Seyed Hassan Pourیeyed , Mohammad Raیhtibaf
Vol. 1, No. 2 Analysing the Radioprotective Effect of Cotoneaster Nummularia in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells Using Micronucleus Assay Abstract   PDF
Haddad Haddad , Ali Moghimi , Abbas Salmani , Mohammad Farhad Rahimi , Mohammad Reza Gawam-Naیiri
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Analysis of Chalcone Synthase and Chalcone Isomerase Gene Expression in Pigment Production Pathway at Different Flower Colors of Petunia Hybrida Abstract   PDF
fatemeh keykha , Abdol Reza Bagheri , Nasrin Moshtaghi
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Analysis of IFN-γ (+874 A/T) and IL-10 (-1082 G/A) genes polymorphisms with risk of schizophrenia. Abstract   PDF
Dor Mohammad kordi Tamandani , Azizoallah Mojahed , Maryam Najafi
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Analysis of synonymous codon usage bias, nucleotide and amino acid composition in 13 species of Flaviviridae Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Mooیawi , Hassan Mohabatkar , Sasan Mohیenzadeh
Vol. 1, No. 1 Antibacterial activity of a malodor neutralizer containing silver nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
kiarash Ghazvini , Edriss MirzaHeیabi , Mohammad Mehdi Akbarein
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Application of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) to Detect the Genotoxic Effect of Cadmium on Tow Iranian Ecotypes of cumin (Cuminum cyminum) Abstract   PDF
Soraya Salarizadeh , Hamid Reza Kavousi
Vol. 1, No. 2 Application of RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) marker for sex determination of Pistacia vera L. Abstract   PDF
Aliakbar Ehیanpour , Lila Arab
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Assessment of genetic stability of olive in vitro propagated by RAPD marker Abstract   PDF
Maryam Peyvandi , Mahnaz Monsef , Mehdi Hosseini Mazinani
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Assessment of tissue distribution and subcellular localization of miR-302 and miR-21 by means of in situ hybridization technique Abstract   PDF
Nazila Nouraee , Mohammad Vasei , Shahriar Semnani , Seyed Javad Mowla
Accepted Articles Association of Codon 72 of P53 Gene Polymorphism with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Case Control Study Abstract   PDF
Sina Gerayli , Alireza Pasdar , Sina Rostami , Samaneh Sepahi , Seyed Mousalreza Hoseini , Reza Jahanian , Aida Gholoobi , Zahra Meshkat , Mitra Ahadi
Vol. 2, No. 2 Association of growth trait and Leptin gene polymorphism in Kermani sheep Abstract   PDF
Moslem Shojaei , Mohammadreza Mohammad Abadi , Masood Aیadi Fozi , Omid Dayani , Amin Khezri , Masoumeh Akhondi
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Association of miR-132 and miR-185 Genes Methylation and their Expression Profile with Risk of Congenital Factor XIII Deficiency Abstract   PDF
Dor Mohammad Kordi-Tamandani , Zohreh Rezaei , Akbar Dorgalaleh-Mail
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters as emerging targets in modulation of neural stem cells behavior in neurodegenerative diseases and cell therapy benefits Abstract   PDF
Sandeep K Vishwakarma , Syed AB Paspala , Santosh k Tiwari , Aleem Khan
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Biogeography of the Genus Linaria (Plantaginaceae) Based on Chromosome Number Data Abstract   PDF
Massoud Ranjbar , Samineh Nouri
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Blastema cells derived from rabbit ear show stem cell characteristics Abstract   PDF
Zahra Mahmoudi , Maryam Moghaddam Matin , Morvarid Saeinasab , Saeideh Nakhaei-Rad , Mahdi Mirahmadi , Nasser Mahdavi Shahri , Mahmoud Mahmoudi , Ahmad Reza Bahrami
Vol. 2, No. 1 Cadmium-induced genotoxicity detected by the random amplification of polymorphism DNA in the maize seedling roots Abstract   PDF
Sasan Mohیenzadeh , Maryam Shahrtaیh , Hasan Mohabatkar
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Cancer, A Big Monster, Which Should Be Defeated / The Editorial Abstract   PDF
Maryam M. Matin
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Changes in anti-oxidant activity of Thymus transcaspicus (Klokov) during Abstract   PDF
Narjes Zamani , Manijeh Mianabadi , Ahmad Abdolzadeh
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Characterization and Molecular Identification of Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) Producing Bacteria from Activated Sludge Abstract   PDF
Bahar Shahnavaz , Mohsen Karrabi , Simin Maroof , Mansour Mashreghi
Vol. 2, No. 1 Characterization of Arabidopsis seedlings growth and development under trehalose feeding Abstract   PDF
Mahnaz Aghdaیi , Henriette Schluepmann , Sjef Smeekenی
Vol. 2, No. 1 Chromosome number and meiotic behaviour of two populations of Onobrychis chorassanica Bunge (O. sect. Hymenobrychis) in Iran Abstract   PDF
Masoud Ranjbar , Roya Karamian , Fatemeh Hajmoradi
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) Chromosome number reports in five Onobrychis species (O. sect. Onobrychis, Fabaceae) in Iran Abstract   PDF
Roya Karamian , Massoud Ranjbar , Anahita Hadadi
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) Cloning and expression analysis of Arabidopsis TRR14 gene under salt and drought stress Abstract   PDF
Mahnaz Aghdasi , Fariba Fazli , Mohammad Bagher Bagherieh
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Cloning and Expression of Fusion (F) and Haemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) Epitopes in Hairy Roots of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum) as a Step Toward Developing a Candidate Recombinant Vaccine Against Newcastle Disease Abstract   PDF
Amir Ghaffar Shahriari , Abdolreza Bagheri , Mohammad Reza Bassami , Saeed Malekzadeh Shafaroudi , Ali Reza Afsharifar
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) Cloning, nucleotide sequencing and bioinformatics study of NcGRA7, an immunogen from Neospora caninum Abstract   PDF
Mahdi Soltani , Mohammadreza Nassiri , Alireza Sadrebazzaz , Mojtaba Tahmoorespoor
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Comparative Cytogenetic Analysis in the Populations of House Mouse Group, Mus musculus L.1766 (Cytotype 2n = 40) (Rodentia: Muridae) in Iran Abstract   PDF
Farahnaz Molavi , Jamshid Darvish , Farhang Haddad , Maryam M. Matin
Vol. 1, No. 2 Comparison of pepck gene expression in developing seeds and leaves of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) plant Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Reza Bahrami , Maria Beihaghi , Abdolreza Bagheri , Richard Leegood , Mehdi Ghabooli , Jafar Zolala , Farajollah Shahriari
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Computational Analyses for Identification Novel MicroRNAs from Cattle and Sheep Abstract   PDF
Balal Sadeghi , Mohammadreza Nassiri , Ali Masoudi-Nejad , Mojtaba Tahmoorespour , Hesam Dehghani , Hamed Ahmadi
Vol. 2, No. 2 Conservation of Colutea gifana, a rare and potential ornamental species, using in vitro method Abstract   PDF
Mahnaz Kiani , Homa Zarghami , Ali Tehranifar , Farshid Memariani
Accepted Articles Construction of the Recombinant Lentiviral Vector Containing Human GH1 Gene and Its Expression in HEK293T Cells Abstract   PDF
Zahra Roudbari , Mohammadreza Nassiri , Mojtaba Tahmoorespur , Aliakbar Haddad-Mashadrizeh , Ali Javadmanesh
Vol. 1, No. 1 Contributions to the flora and vegetation of Binalood mountain range, NE Iran: Floristic and chorological studies in Fereizi region Abstract   PDF
Farshid Mamariani , Mohammad Reza Joharchi , Hamid Ejtehadi , Khatere Emadzade
Vol. 2, No. 1 Cost of resistance to herbivory in the annual plant Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract   PDF
Asghar Moیleh Arany
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) Critical and synergy nodes in insulin-EGF signaling network Abstract   PDF
Hassan Monhemia , Mohammad Reza Hosseindokht , Mohammareza Bozorgmehr , Ahmad Reza Bahrami
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) CXCR4: A Potential Chemokine Receptor for Future Regenerative Therapeutic Target Abstract   PDF
Asieh Heirani-Tabasi , Hojjat Naderi-Meshkin
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Cytogenetic study and pollen viability of four populations of Trigonella Abstract   PDF
Masood Ranjbar , Zahra Hajmoradi , Roya Karamian
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Cytogenetic study and pollen viability of three populations of Diplotaxis harra (Brassicaceae) in Iran Abstract   PDF
Massoud Ranjbar , Somayeh Karami
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) Cytogenetic study of two Solenanthus Ledeb. species (Boraginaceae) in Iran Abstract   PDF
Massoud Ranjbar , Maryam Almasi , Elnaz Hosseini
Vol. 1, No. 1 Cytotoxic activity of Isatis campylocarpa, an Iranian endemic plant, on human cancer cell lines Abstract   PDF
Sasan Mohیenzadeh , Leila Najafi , Zahra Amirghofran , Ahmad Reza Khoیravi
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) Cytotoxic effect of essential oils from Salvia leriifolia Benth. on human Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) and mouse fibroblast Abstract   PDF
Samaneh Attaran Dowom , Ahmad Reza Bahrami , Parwaneh Abrishamchi , Morvarid Saeinasab
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) Deletion mutagenesis in the streptomycin biosynthesis regulatory gene (strR ) isolated from Iranian Streptomyces griseus PTCC1127 and cloning of the new construct in E. coli Abstract   PDF
Somayeh Panahi Moghadam , Zohreh Hojati , Majid Motovali_Bashi
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Deletion of RAD52 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae severely decreases frequencies of Agrobacterium genetic transformation mediated by either an integrative or a replicating binary vector Abstract   PDF
Jalal Soltani , Raymond Brandt , Gerard Paul H. van Heusden , Paul J. J. Hooykaas
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Design and make up 35S::DREB1A molecular construct to produce environmental stress tolerant plants Abstract   PDF
Eisa B. Kohan , Mohammad B. Bagherieh-Najjar , Mahnaz Aghdasi , Ahmad Reza Bahrami
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Designing a SYBR Green Absolute Real time PCR Assay for Specific Detection and Quantification of Bacillus subtilis in Dough Used for Bread Making Abstract   PDF
Seyed Ali Mortazavi , Ahmad Reza Bahrami , Balal Sadeghi , Maryam Moghaddam Matin
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Developments toward an Ideal Skin Substitute: A Commentary Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood , Shabnam Hemmati Sadeghi
Accepted Articles Early Non-invasive Determination of Fetal Sex Using Cell-free DNA Abstract   PDF
Sarreh Isakhani , Ardeshir Bahmanimehr
Vol. 1, No. 1 Effects of salicylic acid on photosynthetic pigment content in Ocimum basilicum L. under UV-C radiation stress Abstract   PDF
Seyed Moosa Mooیavi-Koohi , Jalil Khara , Reza Heidari
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Evaluation of Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii using a Synthetic amorpha-4, 11-diene Synthase Gene Abstract   PDF
Afsaneh Mohkami , Hassan Marashi , Farajolah Shahriary Ahmadi , Masoud Tohidfar , Motahareh Mohsenpour
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Evaluation of relationship between HNF-1α and GLP-1R polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes in a population living in northeast of Iran Abstract   PDF
Samaneh Sepahi , Razieh Jalal , Behnaz Toluinia , Ahamad Asoodeh , Jamshid Darvish
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Expression of the Full-length Human Recombinant Keratinocyte Growth Factor in Pichia pastoris Abstract   PDF
zahra bahadori , seyed javad Mowla , Hamid Reza Kalhor
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) Ferula assafoetida latex can cause damage to bacterial DNA Abstract   PDF
Sasan Mohsenzadeh , Kolsoum Abdolahi , Hassan Mohabatkar
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) First five years of scientific publications in JCMR / The Editorial Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Genetic analysis of ND4 and ND4L regions of mitochondrial genome in Khorasan native chickens Abstract   PDF
Morteza Hashemi Attar , Mohammad Reza Nassiri
Accepted Articles Geometric Mean of 5S rRNA and MiR-16 As A Suitable Normalizer In Esophageal Cancer Abstract   PDF
Samaneh Khazaei , Sedigheh Gharbi , Seyed Javad Mowla
Vol. 2, No. 2 Hemocyanin subunits composition as a molecular marker for identification of Intra-specific variations of Gammarus Abstract   PDF
Saber Zahri , Gadir Nouri-Ganbalani , Shahram Agahi
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Identification of PI3K Isoforms in Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines (PC3, DU145) and Human Bladder Carcinoma Cell line (5637) Abstract   PDF
Hajar Aryan , Zahra-Soheila Soheili
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Identification of Safflower as a fraud in commercial Saffron using RAPD/SCAR Abstract   PDF
Najme Javanmardi , Abdolreza Bagheri , Nasrin Moshtaghi , Ahmad Sharifi , Abbas Hemati Kakhki
Vol. 2, No. 1 Identifying thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) using DNA Barcodes Abstract   PDF
Javad Karimi , Mahnaz Haییani-Kakhki , Mehdi Modarreی Awal
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Impact of MTHFR and RFC-1 gene in the development of neural tube defect Abstract   PDF
Rinki Kumari , Aruna Agrawal , Om Prakash Upadhyaya , Gure Prit Inder Singh , Govind Prasad Dubey
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) In silico analysis of chimeric recombinant immunogen against three diarrhea causing bacteria Abstract   PDF
Farzaneh Khaloiee , Poneh Pourfarzam , Iraj Rasooli , Jafar Amani , Shahram Nazarian , Seyed Latif Mousavi
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) In vitro propagation and conservation of Diaphanoptera khorasanica (Caryophyllaceae), a threatened endemic and potential ornamental species in northeast of Iran Abstract   PDF
Mahnaz Kiani , Homa Zarghami , Farshid Memariani , Ali Tehranifar
Vol. 2, No. 2 In vitro selection for NaCl tolerance in Thymus vulgaris L. Abstract   PDF
Akram Zia , Farkhonde Rezanejad , Abbas Safarnejad
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Investigating on the Stability of Peroxidase Extracted from Soybean (Glycine max var. Williams) and Effects of Na+ and K+ Ions on its Activity Abstract   PDF
Leila Parsiavash , Azra Saboora , Seyedeh Zahra Moosavi Nejad
Vol. 2, No. 1 Investigating protein features contribute to salt stability of halolysin proteins Abstract   PDF
Mansour Ebrahimi , Esmaeil Ebrahimie , Narjes Rahpayma
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Investigation of Melanogenic Factors Gene Expression in Human Adult and Neonate Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Cultures Abstract   PDF
Azam Mohammadian , Zahra-Soheila Soheili , Razieh Jalal , Abouzar Bagheri , Shahram Samiei , Hamid Ahmadieh
Vol. 1, No. 1 Investigation of the effect of Curcumin on Inflammatory Biomarkers in Arthritic Rats Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Aghaei-Boraیhan , Mino Ilkhanipoor , Mohammad Haیhemi , Farah Farrokhi
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) Investigations on chromosome variation in Achillea tenuifolia Lam and A. bieberestinii Afan (Asteraceae) from the West of Iran Abstract   PDF
Abdolkarim Chehregani Rad , Fariba Mohsenzadeh , Hajar Salehi
Vol. 2, No. 2 Irrigation effects on pds and bch genes expression of the Iranian Saffron Abstract   PDF
Nasrin moیhtaghi , Robab Ghahremanzadeh , Seyyed Hasan Maraیhi
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Isolation, Culture and Characterization of Chicken Primordial Germ Cells Abstract   PDF
Mohsen Naeemipour , Mohammadreza Bassami
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) Karyological study of the Caspian bent-toed Gecko Cyrtopodion caspium (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from North and North-Eastern of Iran Abstract   PDF
Faranaz Molavi , Haji GholiKami , Morteza Yazdanpanahi
Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011) Maternal nicotine exposure-induced collagen pulmonary changes Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Reza Nikravesh , Mehdi Jalali , Abbas Ali Moeen , Shabnam Mohammadi , Mohammad Hasan Karimfar
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) Medium optimization for biotechnological production of single cell oil using Candida gali and Yarrowia lipolytica M7 Abstract   PDF
Marjan Enshaeieh , Azadeh Abdoli , Iraj Nahvi , Mahboobeh Madani
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) Molecular docking approach of monoamine oxidase B inhibitors for identifying new potential drugs: Insights into drug-protein interaction discovery Abstract   PDF
Salimeh Raeisi
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Molecular Interactions of lncRNAs: Cellular Fate Determination and Tissue Regeneration Abstract   PDF
Monireh Bahrami , Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Neuronal differentiation of mouse amnion membrane derived stem cells in response to neonatal brain conditioned medium. Abstract   PDF
ُSheida Shahraki , Hanieh Jalali , Kazem Parivar , Nasim Hayati Roudbari , Mohammad Nabiuni , Zahra Heidari
Vol. 1, No. 1 Neuroprotective effects of Equisetum telmateia in rat Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Gholizadeh Naیari , Morteza Behnam Raییouli , Mohammd Reza Nikraveیh , Ali Moghimi
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) Optimizing microRNA quantification in serum samples Abstract   PDF
Sedigheh Gharbi , Fatemh Mirzadeh , Shahriar Khatrei , Mohammad Reza Soroush , Mahmood Tavallaie , Mohammad Reza Nourani , mehdi Sahmsara , Seyyed Javad Mowla
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) Organotypic brain slice culture promotes the transformation of haemopoietic Abstract   PDF
Roya Lari , Jameel A. Khan , Peter D. Kitchener
Vol. 1, No. 1 Ozone inhalation can induce chromosomal abnormalities in bone marrow cells of Wistar rats Abstract   PDF
Farhang Haddad , Vajiheh Golami , Maliheh Pirayesh Shirazi-Nejad
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) Paternal genetic affinity between Iranian Azeris and neighboring populations Abstract   PDF
Ardeshir Bahmanimehr , Fatemeh Nikmanesh
Vol. 1, No. 2 Pattern of collagen IV expression in glomerular and mesenchymal basement membrane during fetal and postnatal period of Balb/c Mice Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Reza Nikraveیh , M Jalali , MH Karimfar , AA Moeen , Saeedi Nejat Sh , Sh Mohammadi , H Rafighdouیt
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) PAX6 (+5a) Expression in Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Induces Retinal Ganglion Cells Abstract   PDF
Habib Rezanejad , Farhang Haddad , Zahra Soheila Soheili , Maryam M. Matin , Shahram Samiei , Sepideh Zununi Vahed
Vol. 6, No. 1,(2014) PCR-SSCP: a method to fingerprinting sequence variability in plant gene pool using the Iranian wild diploid Triticum gene pool as a case study Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Nasernakhaei , Mohammad Reza Rahiminejad , Hojjatollah Saeidi , Manoochehr Tavassoli
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis in Verbascum speciosum Schard Abstract   PDF
Roya Karamian , Fatemeh Ghasemlou
Vol. 2, No. 2 Proline, sodium and potassium concentration changes in gamma rays and NaCl Abstract   PDF
احسان پور احسان پور , Behrokh Shojaie , Mohammad Reza Abdi
Accepted Articles Protective Effect of Diosgenin against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress on H9C2 Cells Abstract   PDF
Samaneh Jamshidi , Mehrdad Lahouti , Mohammad Taher Boroushaki , Ali Ganjeali , Ahmad Ghorbani , Mehdi Bihamta toosi
Accepted Articles Purification and Characterization of an Extracellular Phosphatase Enzyme From Bacillus spp. Abstract   PDF
Maryam Parhamfar , Arastoo Badoei-Dalfard , Milad Parhamfar , Shohreh Fahimi Rad
Vol. 1, No. 2 Purification of Lipid Transfer Protein 2 (LTP2) from Iranian rice paddy Abstract   PDF
Mehran Miroliaei , Samira Padidar , Ali Moیtafaie , Sirous Ghobad
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Putative RFLP Analysis Between HSVd-sycv and Closely Related Variants Abstract   PDF
seyed ali akbar Bagherian
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Recombinant vaccine production in green plants: State of art Abstract   PDF
Maziar Habibi-Pirkoohi , Afsaneh Mohkami
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) Reduction of NO production in LPS-stimulated primary rat microglial cells by Bromelain Abstract   PDF
Soraya Abbasi Habashi , Farzaneh Sabouni , Ali Moghimi , Saeed Ansari Majd , Azita Parvaneh Tafreshi
Vol. 1, No. 2 Relation between gonadal hormones and sexual maturity of female Kutum Rutilus frisii kutum during spawning season Abstract   PDF
Saeed Shafiei Sabet , Mohammad Reza Imanpoor , Bagher Aminian Fatideh
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Renin-Angiotensin A1166C Polymorphism and the Rrisk of Stroke Abstract   PDF
Peyman Zargari , Mohammad R. Ghasemi , Maryam Pirhoushiaran , Veda Vakili , Javad Hami , Mohammad Taghi Farzadfard , Payam Sasan-Nezhad , Mahmood R. Azarpazhooh , Ariane Sadr-Nabavi
Vol. 1, No. 1 Scanning electron microscopy of scales in cyprinid fish, Alburnoides bipunctatus (Blotch, 1782) Abstract   PDF
Hamid Reza Eیmaeili , Hamid Reza Eیmaeili
Vol. 4, No. 2,(2012) Selection and optimization of single cell oil production from Rodotorula 110 using environmental waste as substrate Abstract   PDF
Marjan Enshaeieh , Azadeh Abdoli , Iraj Nahvi , Mahboobeh Madani
Vol. 7, No. 1,(2015) Significance of Cell/Stem Cell Therapy in Wound Care Management Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood
Vol. 1, No. 2 Some responses of dry farming wheat to osmotic stresses in hydroponics culture Abstract   PDF
Sasan Mohیenzadeh , Sahar Sadeghi , Hassan Mohabatkar , Ali Niazi
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) Spatial and seasonal variations of Acidobacteria / Actinobacteria collected from soils of Alpine Abstract   PDF
Bahar Shahnavaz , Roberto A. Geremia
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) Stem Cells of Epidermis: A Critical Introduction Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Supplementary Analysis of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase Gene Expression in Developing Seeds of Chickpea Abstract   PDF
Maria Beihaghi , Ahmad Reza Bahrami , Abdolreza Bagheri , Mohammad Zare Mehrjerdi
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Targeted Cancer Therapy: A Hopeful Cure for Future Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Amir Mishan
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) The Application of Organotypic Brain Slice Culture to Study Microglial Differentiation by Lycopersicon esculentum and Sambucus nigra Lectin Histochemistry Abstract   PDF
Roya Lari , Peter Kitchener
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) The Effect of Caffeine on the Myelin Repair Following Experimental Demyelination Induction in the Adult Rat Hippocampus Abstract   PDF
Shiva Khezri , Neda Dasht Bozorgi , Fatemeh Rahmani
Vol. 2, No. 2 The Effect of Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamic and Langevin Dynamic Abstract   PDF
Reihaneh Sabbaghzadeh , Majid Monajjemi , Fatemeh Mollaamin , Shahrbano Oryan
Vol. 2, No. 1 The effect of silver thiosulfate (STS) on chlorophyll content and the antioxidant Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Roیtami , Aliakbar Ehیanpour
Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013) The in vitro effects of CoCl2 as ethylene synthesis inhibitor on PI based protein pattern of potato plant (Solanum tuberosum L.) Abstract   PDF
Marzieh Taghizadeh , AliAkbar Ehsanpour
Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014) The pluripotency feature of cancer cells; product of a harmony or an output of a disharmony Abstract   PDF
Hesam Dehghani
Vol. 3, No. 2,(2011) The role of Gibberellic acid on some physiological responses of transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plant carrying Ri T-DNA Abstract   PDF
Jalil Abbaspour , Ali Akbar Ehsanpour , Fariba Amini
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) The Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Skin Wound Healing Abstract   PDF
Tahereh Sanjari , Toktam Hajjar , Madjid Momeni-Moghaddam
Vol. 4, No. 1,(2012) The role of over expression of P5CS gene on proline, catalase, ascorbate peroxidase activity and lipid peroxidation of transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plant under in vitro drought stress Abstract   PDF
Ali Akbar Ehsanpour , Somayyeh Zarei , Jalil Abbaspour
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) The significance of C-terminal NLS sequences of VirD2 in its nuclear localization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Abstract   PDF
Jalal Soltani , Jonathan A. Lal , G. Paul H. van Heusden , Paul J.J. Hooykaas
Vol. 5, No. 2,(2013) Therapeutic potential of Stem Cell Preconditioning for Ischemic Heart Diseases / Letter to the Editor Abstract   PDF
Mahdi Mirahmadi , Asieh Heirani-Tabasi , Halimeh Hassanzadeh , Mandana Pishbin , Hamid Reza Bidkhori , Hojjat Naderi-Meshkin
Accepted Articles Transient Expression of Coat Protein of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) by Agroinfiltration Abstract   PDF
Maziar Habibi-Pirkoohi , Saeid Malekzadeh-Shafaroudi , Hasan Marashi , Saeid Zibaee , Afsaneh Mohkami , Saba NejatizaXeh
Accepted Articles Unravelling Over-Represented Amino Acids in Protein Structure of Allergen Proteins; A Large-Scale Study Abstract   PDF
Nassim Rahmani , Esmaeil Ebrahimie , Ali Niazi , Najaf Allahyari Fard , Bijan Bambai , Zarrin Minuchehr , Mansour Ebrahimi
Vol. 8, No. 1,(2016) Variations in Plasma Sex Steroid Hormones of the Wild Caspian Cyprinid Fish, Kutum (Rutilus frisii Kutum) Abstract   PDF
saeed shafiei sabet , mohammad reza imanpour , bagher aminian fatideh , saeed gorgin
Vol. 7, No. 2,(2015) Warning of Reducing Genetic Diversity of Abramis brama (Berg, 1905) in Gilan Coast Using SSR Markers Abstract   PDF
Zeinab Hosseinnia , Ali Shabani , Hamed Kolangi Miandare
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